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We sold A Pirates Paradise in May 2018. It was a fun ride over 18 years, it was simply the right time for us to re-focus on our future away from the OBX. Oh not to worry we're still planning on return trips down there just maybe not as often. The new owners as far as we know are maintaining it as a rental and until we know otherwise we'll continue to post a link on these pages for rental info just in case we can help them out. And you can still find info such as weather, links and other OBX info right here.

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Come and explore the bountiful history and natural beauty of the Outer Banks.  Check out our Favorite Links page for information on points of interest throughout the Outer Banks.  You'll find no shortage of historical and entertaining diversions for you and your family.  You can climb the Currituck Beach Lighthouse just a few miles north in "downtown" Corolla (and visible from the rear of the observation deck!) or visit the nearby Whalehead Club and see how the wealthy relaxed on the Outer Banks in the early 1900's .  Learn the story of the Wright Brothers efforts to be the first men to fly a heavier than air powered machine.  Learn about the first attempts at establishing a permanent English settlement in the new world at Fort Raleigh or see the story retold on Stage.

Explore Cape Hatteras National Seashore and climb the most famous lighthouse of them all.  Climb a Sand Dune, go golfing, or you can just fly a Kite.

For more information about the Outer Banks and things to do, where to eat, etc., based on our humble opinion, ahem, click here to download or view a Word document you can take with you. OBX Information



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Currituck Beach Lighthouse




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